The Miracle Breast Lift™


Until now there has been no method to hold breast tissue perky and in place.


  1. Breast tissue is heavy
  2. Gravity causes the shape to change and sag
  3. Breast tissue is semi-solid almost a fluid—like Jello. 
  4. Securing breast tissue itself as is done in a regular breast lift doesn’t last more than a couple of years until they sag again.



“I had a light bulb moment.”

What if we supported the breast just like a bra does on the outside but use strong stitches on the inside attached to a strong foundation that doesn’t move so they won’t sag again?

Since May of 2018, the technique has been perfected and the results have been nothing short of a ‘miracle’.

The Miracle Breast Lift™ creates an amazing amount of fullness on the upper half of the breast. The Miracle Breast Lift™ can be done with or without breast implants.



Each patient’s procedure is individualized to her unique situation.

The main factors evaluated are 1) how much breast tissue (volume) is present, 2) how much excess skin and sagging exists, and 3) the position of the nipple and areola.

Markings are made with the patient standing to map out the planned location of the nipple and areola. Once asleep and the surgical field prepared. Incisions are made around the areola then up to the planned nipple position. The excess skin is removed. THE NIPPLE NEVER LEAVES YOUR BODY! 

The breast mound is then repositioned upward after removing any extra breast tissue (more so if it is a reduction as well) and is then secured firmly in position with the Miracle Lift stitches. The skin is then gently wrapped around the newly reshaped breast and stitched in place with dissolvable sutures.


  • You can resume non-strenuous activity within a day or two after surgery.
  • Full activity including exercise and sex within 3 weeks
  • Pain is minimal.
  • Swelling 90% gone in 6 weeks


You are if you have:

  1. Saggy Breasts
  2. Nipple position below the fold line under the breast
  3. Deflated breasts
  4. Heavy Large breasts



Below is an example of The Miracle Beast Lift™.  The photos on the right show how saggy her breasts were.  On the left you’ll see how the breasts are no longer sagging and are now full and perky.

The Miracle Beast Left