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[liv]® Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in Boca Raton, FL

At [liv]® Plastic Surgery we offer facial surgery procedures for patients in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida. Our expertly trained physicians and professional medical team are here to help you look younger, appear more rejuvenated and feel more confident.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Image

[liv]® Rhinoplasty

Surgery Time: 50 Minutes   Back to Work: 4 Days 

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) corrects and improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose while enhancing its functionality (the ability to breathe more easily).

Face Lift Surgery Image

[liv]® Face Lift

Surgery Time: 2.5 Hours   Back to Work: 1 Day

[liv]®  Lift- Face - Achieve dramatic facial appearance improvements with [liv]®  Lift - Face by Dr. Andrew Ress. Youthful appearance and facial contours naturally restored with incisions discreetly hidden.

Neck Lift  Surgery Image

[liv]® Neck Lift

Surgery Time: 3 Hours   Back to Work: 1 Week

[liv]®  Lift- Neck is a procedure to improve your appearance and accentuate the jawline and create sharp crisp definition at the junction of the neck and the jaw.

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Image

[liv]® Blepharoplasty 

Surgery Time: 2.5 Hours   Back to Work: 1 Day

 [liv]®  Lift- Eyes is a procedure that removes excess skin and fatty deposits that develop along the upper and lower eyelids. 

Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery Image

[liv]® Otoplasty 

Surgery Time: 2.5 Hours   Back to Work: 1 Day

 [liv]® Otoplasty(ear surgery) is a procedure for patients who have abnormally shaped or oversized ears/ ear lobes. Earlobe repair/ excess of skin  due to a loss of elasticity caused by heavy jewelry or gauges can also be addressed.

face Fillers image

[liv]® Fillers

Procedure Time: 1 Hour

Fill and plump areas of the face that have become sunken due to aging. The most common areas of the face where dermal fillers are applied to include the cheeks, around the nose and mouth, lips, under the eyes and jowls..

Neurotoxins image

[liv]® Neurotoxins

Procedure Time: 1 Hour

Improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles by reducing  facial muscle movements . Usage of neuromodulators provide both immediate results as well as preventative outcomes.

Sculptra image

[liv]® Sculptra®

Procedure Time: 1.5 Hours

A collagen stimulator made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), Sculptra®  gradually diminishes facial wrinkles and restores deep, underlying structures of the skin. The microparticles contained in Sculptra® are absorbed into skin the tissue, designed to  stimulate collagen production, resulting in a long-lasting, youthful appearance.

Liquid Lift image

[liv]® Botox®

Procedure Time: 1.5 Hours  

Botox is one of the most popular and versatile cosmetic procedures available today in Boca Raton, FL, and for good reason. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure takes only a few minutes out of your day and gives you results that last for months.