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 PDEMA Skin Cancer Removal 

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Skin Cancer Removal in Boca Raton

What is PDEMA Skin Cancer Removal by [liv]®?

[liv]® PDEMA is an exclusively effective skin cancer removal technique that similar to MOH's surgery looks at the entire margins of the specimen while preserving normal skin and tissues. PDEMA = Mohs but performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon working as a Team with a Board Certified Pathologist.  

The Benefits of a [liv]® PDEMA-Skin Cancer Removal:

  • Effective Skin Cancer Removal - Real time assessment of affected tissue sample with frozen sections.
  • Both excision and reconstruction performed by a Plastic Surgeon in one office all at the same time
  • Reduced scar tissue and preservation of healthy skin/tissue.
  • Minimal downtime 

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 Are You A Candidate for PDEMA Skin Cancer Removal?

PDEMA Assessment:

Location: Any location but most importantly FACE, Ears, Scalp, Hands, Feet

Curability: If you want one and done then PDEMA is for you

Biopsy Diagnosis: If you have a biopsy report showing skin cancer then contact us for an appointment

Appearance: If you want the best cosmetic result possible then PDEMA by [liv] is perfect for you.

PDEMA Infographic

The Basics of PDEMA Skin Cancer Removal

Doctor inspecting for PDEMA stages

PDEMA Stages

Arrive at the Office in comfortable dark clothes. PDEMA takes approximately 2 hours depending on how many stages (excisions) are required

Your surgeon will identify the tumor / biopsy site with you. Local anesthetic is then injected slowly and given time to set up completely

Skin Cancer Removed. The skin cancer is removed layer by layer until completely gone. Each layer takes approximately 1/2 hr to process and read under the microscope.

Reconstruction. Once the tumor is removed your PDEMA surgeon will reconstruct the defect to give you the best functional and cosmetic result.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is PDEMA different from regular surgical excision?

The difference between PDEMA surgery and routine excisional surgery is that PDEMA removes the skin tumor layer by layer closely evaluating the edges, or margins of the specimen, while you wait for lab results, which are obtained immediately on site, rather than the tissue sample being sent to a lab for results days later.

What Skin Cancers are best treated by PDEMA?

PDEMA is most useful for:

- Basal Cell Cancer

- Squamous Cell Cancers

- Sebaceous and Merkel Cell Cancers

How long is recovery after PDEMA surgery?

The PDEMA surgery like any surgical procedure takes a typical course of 6 weeks until the closure has reached full strength. The bandage placed at surgery is rtemoved the following day. You can shower the next day and no ointments are necessary. Stitches are removed at 2 weeks and Scar Management is then begun to get the least noticeable scar possible.

How painful is PDEMA surgery?

PDEMA surgery is normally performed under local anesthesia alone. Patients typically experience very little pain during and afterwards. Apart from the initial injection of an anesthetic to numb the area beforehand, most patients will need only Tylenol or Ibuprofen to treat any discomfort.

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