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Skin Cancer Screening & Removal in Boca Raton 

Dr. Ress and his team at liv Plastic Surgery specialize in treating both children and adults with concerns such as skin cancer removal, skin cancer screening and monitoring with the newest technology.


[liv]® SkinScreen AI

Procedure Time: 15 Minutes   

Skin cancer screening saves lives. Early detection and  treatment is critical to catching and managing cancer before it spreads. Powered by DermEngine an advanced AI technology that assess and monitors potential skin carcinoma. 


[liv]® Pdema Cancer Removal 

Procedure Time: 50 Minutes   

VivaScope® is known as “The Window into Skin” and is a non-invasive, non-surgical biopsy that will map and depict living tissue in the skin. This technology allows us to avoid stressful and painful tissue excision and yield the results in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.