Is mommy makeover safe?

Is mommy makeover safe is an often heard question, mainly because the requests for this particular procedure have been booming in the last couple of years.

It can be said that a mommy makeover is a social phenomenon, that’s had middle aged mother seeking for body enhancements such as breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. This combination of procedures is what is described as “mommy makeover”, with the individual procedures that have long been provided, together with now refined techniques. 

Given the fact that just a decade ago combining multiple procedures was considered radical, there is still some doubt when it comes to how safe is mommy makeover – which is something we are going to cover in this blog. 

The procedures, and mommy makeover safety and risks

The general procedure combination of mommy makeover is considered to be very safe. 

Based on what?

Well, considering the fact that women don’t age as they use to, most middle aged moms are relatively healthy and young, and that includes the current trend of women becoming mothers in their 30s or 40s even. 

This means that all of these factors make the surgery and the healing process much easier on the body, enabling a healthy mom to undergo several procedures at once, safely. 

Mommy makeover risks

Even though the procedures are considered to be generally safe, Mommy makeover safety can not be put out of the question, just yet. Every procedure has its’ own inherent risks, depending on the person and their health chart, which is why a thorough examination beforehand is required.

These risks, no matter how serious, need to be factored in when considering surgery and the “mommy makeover safety” factor.

Surgery type

Let us put it this way – a heart bypass surgery is considerably more risky than a tummy tuck, just like a liver transplant is much more complicated than a breast lift. Even though plastic surgery is very much real surgery like any other, it poses a much less significant physiologic impact on our body than some other surgeries. 

This is how an overall risk of any plastic surgery procedure is lessened, since it doesn’t involve the manipulation of any internal organs, but in the same time, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.


The longer the surgery, the more medication will be required to maintain the proper levels of anesthesia, in order to disengage your pain sensations, questioning the “mommy makeover safety” factor.

Medical history

Your medical history showcases all your medical problems or disease processes you have suffered, or still suffer with, that can affect your ability to undergo surgery of any kind. 

Examples of such procedures are high blood pressure, diabetes, blood clotting etc., and most of them can be put under control or treatment maximized in order to create an environment where it’s safe for you to have surgery. 

Social history

On the other hand, your social history involves factors that are completely controlled and managed by you – drinking, smoking, drug or herbal supplement use. The impact of these can be lowered, but never negated, so in order to minimize the risks to the fullest extent, it’s best for these factors to be fully avoided. 

What is known in general is that, when it comes to procedures such as mommy makeover, prolonged exposure to general anesthesia and any other intraoperative conditions such as blood loss, hypertension, infection exposure etc., can interfere with the body’s natural homeostasis. 

The effort to maintain homeostasis when under the anesthesia, is of the utmost importance, regardless of the length of the procedure. 

Should combination of different surgeries be encouraged?

Previously we sort-of concluded that safety of a mommy makeover is an established factor, however, there are always certain “red flags” that can emerge. 

For instance, combining abdominoplasty with any other procedure in cases where patients suffer from pulmonary conditions, cardiac insufficiency, obesity, hypertension, diseases affecting the microcirculation an so on, can be extremely risky and should be paused and taken under reconsideration. 

Mommy makeover risks and safety verdict

If a mom who considers undergoing the mommy makeover procedure is younger and healthy, than the factors we enlisted as risks won’t have that much of an impact on them. This will also make the surgery and the healing process much easier on the body. 

A healthy mom can also safely go through several procedures at once and make a good recovery, with almost no added length of the surgery or time under anesthesia. The pain and healing time aren’t much greater either – two or three weeks separately, and only slightly longer when combined in a mommy makeover. 

The mommy makeover procedure advantages

If you opt for a mommy makeover safety is not the only element of the procedure that needs to be considered – the downtime should be to.

How so?

Well, the reason why most women choose to undergo the mommy makeover, is because the general preparation and downtime happen only once, not in a row and more often. That aside, there also isn’t any long term detriment for your system if undergo multiple procedures at the same time. 

This is why scheduling consultations with your surgeon is the important first step, since this is when you ask anything that bothers you and break any preconceived notions you might have had about the procedure. The main advantage of mommy makeover is that moms should have to do it only once, which makes it a lot easier to make arrangements concerning the baby, household, pets, meals and so on. 

The financial advantage is that you don’t have to pay the hospital fees and the operating room more than once. 

Mommy makeover safety notion confirmed

What can be common in women who just went through pregnancy and childbirth is to feel a little depressed and unhappy about all the changes happening to their bodies. Mommy makeover procedure can really help change the general outlook, not only about themselves, but also about their life in general.

Even though the procedure itself can come off as risky and scary, the notion of safety of a mommy makeover is pretty much a secure endeavour. In case the patient suffers from some medical issues, the individualized treatment plan is created, which is intended to minimize the risks as much as possible. 

Sometimes individually tailored plans such as this can involve a non-surgical approach to problem area.

So, is mommy makeover safe?

Well, the bottom line is that mommy makeover safety element needs to be considered, since it’s the only responsible thing to do, but in terms of personal medical and social history of the patient, in order to determine the right kind of treatment, surgery combination and risk factors, so they can be prevented in time. 

However, bear in mind that the greatest risk doesn’t come from the procedure itself, but from opting for the non-certified physicians, whose results might not only be disappointing and disfiguring but also lethal.

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