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Gynecomastia surgery recovery time – all you need to know

Gynecomastia is a condition caused by excess tissue or gland formation, manifested as unusually large male breasts, not at all uncommon in boys and men of all ages. 

This condition is caused by the hormonal imbalance between the secretion of the male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen – the female hormone starts stimulating the growth of the excess breast tissue, resulting in abnormal swelling of this area in men. 

Normally, some 50% of young men who are affected by this condition manage to have the hormonal rebalance done by itself, by about the age of 20 – however, some 65% aged 27-92 experience some form of gynecomastia. 

This can happen due to hormonal changes, some medical condition, or as a side effect of excess alcohol consumption and drug use. This is when gynecomastia surgery has proven useful, and in this blog posto you will find out how exactly does this surgery work and what is gynecomastia recovery timeline.

Gynecomastia recovery summary and surgery basics

Gynecomastia recovery period, also known as male reduction surgery recovery, you can expect dressings and bandages to be applied to your incisions, along with elastic bandages and support garments used to minimize the swelling and help the overall healing. 

The progress of your gynecomastia recovery is determined by the extent of the procedure itself – if you are diagnosed with gynecomastia, your surgeon will first evaluate your anatomy, the amount of excess skin, as well as the glandular and fatty components of your breasts, i in order to determine what type of male reduction surgery is best for you. 

If you have a lot of excess skin and tissue, you may require traditional male breast reduction surgery, but if your condition is less severe, you can be a good candidate for less invasive types of this surgery, or even laser-assisted liposuction

Gynecomastia surgery recovery – what can you expect?

Besides the aforementioned dressings, bandages and support garments, your gynecomastia surgery recovery will include a small, thin tube that will be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect. 

In effect, gynecomastia recovery time is a relatively gentle recovery period – the first three days you might feel sore, but the amount of pain you will feel is usually minimal. Some men can temporarily feel a loss of sensation in the treated area, but this is restored in few weeks or months time. 

Gynecomastia healing time guide

During the recovery time after gynecomastia surgery, you will be given specific instructions by your surgeon that might include a guide how to take care for your surgical incision and drains, together with medications to apply or take orally, in order to prevent the potential infection. 

These instructions also include post-surgical care advice involving some specific concerns regarding the incisions or your general health, as well as the exact time when to go for your follow-up meeting, where you are free to ask anything that comes to mind or that is bothering you. 

Attending your follow-up meetings and following your surgeon’s instructions is mandatory, as this is the only course of action that will ensure your gynecomastia surgery healing goes undisturbed.

Gynecomastia surgery time and final results

Being that gynecomastia is procedure that can be completed in just a couple of hours, and that gynecomastia recovery time tends to be just as speedy, than it is expected for the final results to be noticeable just as fast – fully apparent within 3 to 6 months of surgery.

After the surgery you will end up with much trimmer and more contoured chest, especially when the postsurgical swelling subsides. The good news is that the results of this surgery are permanent, as long as you take good care of your body weight and avoid using steroids that can affect your testosterone levels. 

When it comes to scars, they might still be visible at first, but they definitely will fade over time.

Recovery after gynecomastia surgery at home

When it comes to male breast reduction surgery recovery, following the instructions provided to you by your surgeon is essential. 

While recovering at home, you might experience shortness of breath, chest pains or your heart skipping a beat, you should immediately seek medical attention – should any of these complications occur, you might require hospitalization or some additional treatment. 

You should also mind your surgical site and not subject it to any excessive force, swelling, abrasion or extensive motion during your gynecomastia surgery healing time. 

Post-procedure care that will guarantee speedy gynecomastia recovery

1. Gynecomastia recovery diet

Time immediately after surgery is reserved for clear fluids, after which you can slowly switch to solids. You meals should be taken regularly, together with plenty of water. You can add fruit juice or any kind of soft drinks to this combination, but strictly avoid alcohol, at least for the first 72 hours after surgery, along with smoking.

2. Gynecomastia recovery activities

If you want to ensure your recovery going smoothly, you need to rest as much as possible. This means no strenuous activity in the first 24-hour after surgery whatsoever, including driving or operating any kind of machinery. However, once you hit your second day, you can start taking short walks, that can actually quicken your recovery. 

After third day mark, you can start driving again and engage in moderate activities, but this still doesn’t mean you can go to gym, do aerobics or any other fitness program, as well as running or swimming. 

It is highly important to start increasing your daily activities gradually and in sync with your tolerance level. 

3. Gynecomastia recovery medication

During the entire period of recovery, it is strictly forbidden to take medicines that contain aspirins and ibuprofen, since they can interfere with your blood clotting system and cause complications. 

However, what is wholeheartedly recommended is the usage of multivitamins and vitamin E tablets.

4. Gynecomastia recovery compression garment

A compression or support garment is a piece of clothing that reduces the swelling and bruising, improving the aesthetic look of your chest. It is supposed to be worn every day for the entire day during the first week after surgery. 

During the second week, you can reduce your wear time to 18h a day. Maintaining hygiene of the garment in cold water is mandatory, in order to avoid any infections occurring. 

Once you hit week three, you can replace it with normal, comfortable clothes.

The final advice is to be careful about taking your prescribed medication, and take manage your drinking and smoking, cause this can really interfere with your blood flow and start causing complications. It goes without saying that opting for a board – certified surgeon such as our Dr Ress, and a quality clinique like liv Plastic is your best bet. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your consultation!