Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought “these lines shouldn’t be here” or “Where did all of this skin come from”? The interesting part is that men equally as women are prone to undergoing male plastic surgery in hope to solve many cosmetic-related concerns.

The most common types of plastic surgery for men procedures include facial procedures, body contouring, non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, and surgeries related to controlling gynecomastia.

If you would like to learn more about these and other popular male plastic surgery procedures, and the most consulted plastic surgery for men performed by Liv plastic surgery teams – feel free to explore the text we have prepared for the many gentlemen who share the interested in this topic.

Body related plastic surgery for men

Male plastic surgery involving body interventions usually include procedures such as liposuction and different types of tummy tuck and abdominoplasty. 

Natural aesthetics are more solicited that earlier

Although it is more and more common for men to undergo aesthetic interventions, male patients more than woman wish their interventions to remain “not so obvious”. They want to change their body and look as naturally as possible – but removing the excess skin tissue or fatties.

Most of the body related plastic surgeries for men are low-risk, require little time to be performed and the convalescence is quite fast, so they may return to their lives in no time.

1. Gynecomastia – the most common plastic surgery for men

Gynecomastia surgery is a male breast reduction procedure, when the exes fatty tissue is removed, leaving men chest looking flattered and more toned. Excess fat and skin of the breast project a very feminizing effect and it is a great concern of almost 40% of men.

Liv Plastic Surgery offers a variety of plastic surgery for men including gynecomastia or male breast reduction. Dr Ress is here to provide you with natural-looking results that will help restore your confidence and make you feel and look your best. His focus is to provide every patient with the most technologically advanced methods and superior quality care.

2. Liposuction

Male cosmetic surgery has more specific needs regarding liposuction and any fat transfers. Most gentlemen want their bodies shaped to look more athletic – which purports to the reduction of excess fatties from their thighs, abdomen, lower back and chest. 

Liposuction is a very important tool in the world of cosmetic surgery for men which has many variations and uses in the body contouring. For all of those men who are not happy with the outcome of dieting or exercising – but still ache flat tummy or non-saggy arms, liposuction is a path they should consider taking a walk along.

Although liposuction is very effective plastic surgery for men, the Boca Raton experts strongly suggest switching the unhealthy living routine with healthy eating and regular physical activity as the best way of maintaining liposuction results.

Plastic surgery for men involving face alterations and rejuvenation

The stigma around men facials and plastic surgery for men involving face features improvement and rejuvenation have long gone, and modern men of all ages are now free to dedicate a special kind of care for their youthful appearance to last longer.

Even if we don’t want to admit, young age and its following appearances have always been able to boost people’s confidence, energy and even sexuality – considering younger assets being more attractive to the eye. Younger and fresher looks can also enhance social and professional success.

Truth to be told, any man with concerns and signs of ageing can be a candidate for male plastic surgery or treatments. Though men can undergo any type of plastic surgery procedures, some of the most common male plastic surgery choices are linked to wrinkles and excess skin.

1. Male neck lift cosmetic surgery

Despite weight loss or muscle gains – the skin on male necks just won’t listen, falling over the T-shirts, juggling under ties and making more and more likeable the idea of her removal like a beneficial idea, and not a sign of vanity!

Dr Rees regularly meets with both experienced surgeons and those developing new techniques to bring the best to our patients in need for any kind of male neck lift plastic surgery.

2. Male facelift and impeccable jawline

Our facelift techniques have evolved to offer rapid recovery, low risk, effective and natural results. The procedures are tailored to each patient, leaving a good amount of insight for further male cosmetic surgery alterations around the jawline, cheekbones and other features.

This means eyelids, forehead, lips, etc. are separate elements in our evaluation and treatment, but usually combined when we plan the surgery.

It typically takes a little more than 3 hours to perform a good male facelift and it has to be done under general anaesthesia. The incisions usually vary for each patient, but they are cunningly hidden in contours and grooves around the ears and along with the scalp or under the chin.

3. Eyelid surgery

For some gentlemen who consult our doctors for a male plastic surgery concerning eyelid reduction, it is more than an aesthetics problem. It’s usually a necessity because their folding eyelids obstruct their vision. Rejuvenating the appearance of their eyelids or getting rid of under-eye bags is also one of the most requested plastic surgery for men.

4. Male rhinoplasty without feminizing small nose

If you have always considered your nose your biggest source of insecurities and if you are unhappy the way how it blends with the rest of your face – requests a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Nose surgery requires deep insight and face analysis equally as finesse and a keen understanding of the anatomy of the many subunits of the nose.

One of the many assets that a nice nose requires

Often, when a doctor performs a nose surgery men show the need for chin augmentation to provide a harmonious facial appearance. Sometimes you can get a stronger jawline with male jaw implants or just with the injections of fillers.

Most of the time male chin implant can last for a lifetime, but the ones made from bone or fat tissue that was taken from your body will be reabsorbed. Male jaw implants made from hyaluronic acid and other nature-derived fillers will also perish during the time.

Non-invasive procedures have greatly increased in those years. 

Thousands of facial injectable are being used yearly, including on hundreds for men, and this number is still tremendously growing. Men chose neuromodulators such as Botox and soft-tissue fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane for the non-invasive treatment of some flaws such as the forehead and around-the-eyes wrinkles.

Aesthetic surgery for men was once viewed as taboo or something that needed to be hidden because it was perceived too self-indulgent. Today, plastic surgery for men has become a more liberated area and in the minds of many, it doesn’t look as mainstream as it used to.

Dr. Andrew Ress, M.D.

Dr. Andrew M. Ress, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, practices in Boca Raton, Florida. As the founder of [liv]® Plastic Surgery, he specializes in facial plastic surgery and body contouring. Dr. Ress is also a pioneer in skin health, introducing the [liv]® AI SkinScreen, an advanced AI-powered tool for proactive skin cancer screening. Educated at Cornell University and the University of Miami, with residencies at the Mayo Clinic and Indiana University, Dr. Ress is committed to excellence and innovation. Recognized as one of Boca Raton’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons, he is dedicated to patient-centric care and cutting-edge technology.