Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures refer to those little non invasive surgical treatments designed to slightly improve, or change your face and body. 

In the case of minimally invasive surgery, it is always highly recommended to talk to your surgeon and be willing to listen to his her recommendations, because your surgeon might come up with a different procedure that will offer the same results. 

Often times the less invasive and more isolated procedure can do almost as well as some more involved surgical procedures. The minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are a perfect option for all people who, for some particular reason can not have plastic surgery, or simply cannot afford the high prices of it. 

Regardless of the reason, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures exist to help you achieve a younger appearance that will increase your self confidence, and here is what you need to know about them.

What is minimally invasive cosmetic surgery?

You could say that, for many surgical procedures, the method of choice has shifted from traditional open surgery in favor of the less invasive techniques. 

But, how is it performed?

Minimally invasive surgery is done with the aid of a viewing scope and specially designed instruments. The viewing scope allows the surgeon to perform major surgery through several tiny openings, wit no need for large incisions. 

This way, the non invasive surgery results in less scarring, pain, quicker recovery, but also – reduced health care costs. That aside, most surgeries today are changing the standard and by using minimally invasive surgery methods as a must, not as an option. 

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures mean that convey the usage of newer technologies such as laser, to perform the kind of procedures that once took an extensive surgery to be completed. 

The recovery time always depends on the type procedure, but it’s  also something that got significantly abbreviated too, with the healing time for facial surgery now being between one to two weeks, when most patients resume their normal activities.

Types of minimally invasive surgery

As you’ve probably gathered by now, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is a great way if you want to brighten up your complexion, and look healthy and rejuvenated with minimal downtime, to no downtime at all, a here are some the non invasive procedures that are going to help you achieve just that. 

Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation

In order to improve your skin quality because it looks dull and shows more wrinkles, or has dried out, you can help it with a chemical peel, a microneedling procedure, or even laser treatment. 

The best treatments depend on your skin type, previous treatments you’ve undergone and other factors. Skin care goals go hand in hand with the procedure, so you should make sure to inform your surgeon about those, so he could help you pick a procedure that provides the best results, with the least recovery time. 

Skin care products are there to help the overall skin health, with optimal skin care before and after treatment will help you obtain better results and recover faster, allowing you to maximize any plans you had. 

Botulinum toxin – Minimally invasive botox procedure

Botox represents one of the neuromodulators, mainly used to treat the wrinkles caused by muscles – most often the crow’s feet area and the forehead. 

Being that Botulinum toxin, or Botox, isn’t the only neuromodulator used for this purpose, make sure to consult with your surgeon first and determine which one is the best for you, but in general, after you’re done with injections, your wrinkles will look much better.

The injections are chosen specifically for your problem areas and are injected in layers across your face – a technique that guarantees a long lasting effect. Another advantage of this procedure is that is painless and requires only one day of downtime. 

Minimally invasive therapy with dermal fillers

Minimally invasive therapy with derma fillers is a great fit for deeper wrinkles in the lower face or any facial features that started to appear less youthful with time. All you need to do is have a quick injection in the office that will leave you with immediate results that can lasts for months, and in some cases even years!

Common brands of dermal fillers in the US are Juvederm, Sculptra, Bellafil, Versa, and even your own fat can be put to use. These fillers differentiate among themselves in factors such as placements, longevity and susceptibility to allergies, which is why it’s mandatory to consult with your surgeon, rather than choosing on your own.

Non surgical fat reduction

Non surgical fat removal procedures can help you sculpt your body, at the same time offering the quick recovery times. 

One of the ways to do this is by using Kybella – an injectable that melts fat with placements such as under chin area, armpit fat and the abdomen. On the other hand, the Emsculpt is intended to give you an improved muscle tone in your abdomen and other areas of your body. 

Minimally invasive fat reduction procedure can also be reinforced by CoolSculpting and other similar technologies and techniques.

Given that these techniques will vary in terms of the results and recovery speed, in comparison with injectables, skin care and other facial treatments that require much less downtime, not to mention much faster results. This is why you must educate yourself first, so you could make a decision that will fit into your timeframe. 

Minimally invasive procedures in plastic surgery

Speaking about plastic surgery, the term minimally invasive refers to the usage of newer technologies to perform procedures that once required extensive surgery and recovery time. 

Plastic surgeons now have a variety of different tools available (like laser), as well as techniques that have transformed procedures like face and eye lifts into something more accessible and more affordable. 

Laser surgery and laser skin resurfacing and facelifts are some of the most required minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures that involve lasers. They can quickly remove outer layers of the skin, tighten it, improving wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and forehead creasing. 

Eyelift surgery are the most common procedures requested by both women and men, since drooping of the eyelids can make a person look much more older than they really are. This can also be corrected by laser eyelift surgery that involves little bleeding and bruising, with a short recovery span. 

The bottom line minimally invasive procedures

Since the cosmetic and plastic surgery have been on the rise in the recent years, it is no wonder that people’s attitudes towards aging have changed, with many more of them opting for the cosmetic or plastic surgery alternatives. 

In order to make the right decision and choose the right procedure for yourself, consult with your board certified surgeon first and educate yourself on minimally invasive surgical procedures that are in offer, cause this is the only way you will obtain great and longer lasting results, that will significantly improve not only your appearance, but also your self confidence. 

Dr. Andrew Ress, M.D.

Dr. Andrew M. Ress, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, practices in Boca Raton, Florida. As the founder of [liv]® Plastic Surgery, he specializes in facial plastic surgery and body contouring. Dr. Ress is also a pioneer in skin health, introducing the [liv]® AI SkinScreen, an advanced AI-powered tool for proactive skin cancer screening. Educated at Cornell University and the University of Miami, with residencies at the Mayo Clinic and Indiana University, Dr. Ress is committed to excellence and innovation. Recognized as one of Boca Raton’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons, he is dedicated to patient-centric care and cutting-edge technology.