Breast implant shapes guide – which one is best for you?

Breast implant shape is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding to undergo a breast augmentation procedure

There are different types of breast implant shapes, where round ones seem to be quite popular, while the teardrop shape is considered a more natural one. Either way, different women will want different things at the end. 

This is why your first step, and essential one at best, needs to be finding the qualified surgeon that will help you make the right decision, and explain  what are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right one among different breast implant shapes.

What type of breast implant shapes are available?

When you first arrive for your consultations, your surgeon will likely propose two options regarding breast implant shapes – teardrop and round. 

Teardrop breast implants or gummy bear implant shapes

Among the types of breast implants shapesteardrop breast implants are considered to give a more natural look of the breasts, resembling that of a teardrop. 

Since different shapes of breast implants provide different look and feel of the breasts, teardrop shaped breast implants are the favorite choice of women who want to achieve that natural look. Breast augmentation teardrop shape implants are also nicknamed gummy bear implant shapes – gel based implants that can retain their shape better than those made from silicone or saline.

The volume of tear shaped breast implants is concentrated on the bottom part of the breast, which is the same pattern that implants follow too. Together with other breast augmentation shapes, these too come in a wide variety of dimensions and shapes, that include tall, short and wide varieties. 

Round breast implants 

Round breast implants are by far the most popular among breast augmentation shapes. Their projection after surgery appears spherical, and come in four different breast implant shapes and sizes, which range from low to high projection.

None of these is considered better that the other, which is why a personal preference is always taken into consideration. Round breast implants give a fuller look at the top of the beast, so if you want to prevent sagging, these might be a good choice for you. 

Different textures of breast implants

Aside from breast augmentation shape options, another thing that differentiates is texture, where breast implants can appear as smooth textured or in varying degrees of texturisation. 

Smooth textured breast implants

Smooth textured breast implants feel like a surface of a blown-up balloon, and are only available in the form of round shape breast implants. The biggest advantage of smooth textured implants is that they feel soft and natural, and can move freely within the breast, that adds to the feeling even more. 

This type of implant also has the lowest rate of producing seromas and certain types of breast cancer, such as ALCL.

Textured breast implants

Unlike smooth textured round shape breast implants, textured implants possess tiny grains of texture in varying size on the surface of the implant, one that resembles the surface of sandpaper. They are available in both anatomical and round shapes with a firmer silicone-gel, that is supposed to lower the risk of moving around once implanted. 

Nano-textured implants 

Nano – textured implants are the newest of the textured options available, that offer an enhanced shell surface for silicone implants, in order to lower the risk of capsular contracture, which is one of the most common risks associated with silicone implants. 

This unique texture is designed to mimic body’s own cell surfaces, allowing breast cells to grow more easily on the surface of the implant, without causing adverse inflammation. 

How to choose the right one?

When it comes to breast augmentation different shapes options allow for a more detailed selection. 

But, before starting a selection process, a woman needs to be well informed by her surgeon about the different implant shapes and types. Aside from being informed, all of this information has to be thoroughly discussed in relation to her desired results, as well as her body exam, but there are also some other parameters to consider. 

Consider your budget thoroughly

Taking into consideration the cost of various breast implants types and shapes is a critical step and something you should inform more thoroughly about. For instance, tear drop implants often cost more due to their textured surface that helps to avoid rotation and distortion.

It should compliment your body type

Whatever breast implant you think of choosing, bare in mind that they should conform to your body type, first and foremost. Being that most women are concerned with the end result, or how will their implants look like post-procedure, but the idea of ideal breasts is highly subjective, and therefore, something that is based entirely on the individual’s opinion. 


Some women want to look natural and as if nothing significant has been done, while others want to gain a more noticeable and prominent look. However, none of the choices is better or more correct than the other, it’s simply about achieving a look that both meets patient’s expectations as well as their existing body shape and size.  

Listen to your surgeon’s recommendations

In order to make a right decision regarding breast implant shapes, you should take your time and ask your surgeon anything that comes to mind. This decision is a critical step in the breast augmentation process, since it determines the final result in the greatest measure, so don’t be surprised if this part of your consultation becomes the lengthiest. 

Your surgeon should be able to assist you with every concern you might have, thoroughly inform you of pros and cons of every option, so you could achieve the results you’re after. Plastic surgeons deal with patients all the time, which is why they can provide valuable insight, stemming from analyzing both your body shape as well as health history. 

Aside from consulting with your surgeon regarding different implant shapes, we also recommend to consult with a friend or a partner regarding breast implant shape options, who always have your best interest in mind. Their objective opinion can help in forming your own, and therefore, push your decision-making process in the right direction.

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