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When is the best time to get plastic surgery?

When is the best time to get plastic surgery

The best time to get plastic surgery might be the most common dilemma regarding plastic surgery in general, because it is only natural to want to do it just right. 

This, of course, doesn’t only refers to final results and that you want for the procedure to go smooth – the integral part of the entire procedure is picking the right timing. Now, why does that matter, and why should you be careful whilst considering the surgery schedule?

Let’s say if you have an upcoming event or a celebration you need to prepare for, and you really want to look your best – you want to plan your procedure before the big day, but not right before it. It matters because the healing time for everybody is different, and you want to make sure you have enough in order to move past any swelling or redness. 

If you want your final results to be bright and natural, stay with us and find out what is the best time to get plastic surgery, and what age is preferable. 

Seasonality as a factor for picking the best time to get plastic surgery

Aside from the timing aspect, another important aspect is seasonality. Certain procedures have a peak time during certain parts of the year, and a lot of the reasons are of the practical nature. 

For instance, if you plan on reducing your double chin, than it perfectly makes sense for the procedure to be done in the winter, when you can layer your chin under scarves and turtlenecks, and hide the aftermath. 

The most important thing though is to understand why it is better to do it now, rather than later – this is why it is important to speak to your surgeon first, who can advise on the procedure steps and recovery time, so you can do some educated planning when it comes to scheduling your procedure at the time that suits best for you. 

Springtime – best time to get breast augmentation

The reason why many men and women start considering surgery in the spring, is because of the proximity of summer and the urge to look perfect in a swimsuit. As the days get longer and warmer, you too want to look your best, which is why most of the body oriented procedures are often requested in this part of the year. 

Aside from it being the best time to get breast augmentation surgery, spring is an excellent time to schedule other body sculpting procedures such as liposuction, or even minor facial surgeries. 

Also, as the season changes, you can always slight modifications concerning your wardrobe, hair and makeup, in order to conceal any visible post-surgery effects still lingering from your procedure. 

Summertime – not the best time to get plastic surgery, in general

For most people, summer is far from the best time to get plastic surgery, and here’s why. 

First, during the hot summer months you really don’t have an opportunity to dress up in layers and try to mask your recovery – it gets hard to keep it discreet even. 

If you had planned a vacation or you simply don’t want to spend one entire portion of the summer (or all of it), recovering in bed, than plastic surgery procedure is definitely something you should postpone. Not to mention that sun has a very bad influence on scars, with an ability to make them darker and thicker. 

Of course this is a case with everyone who deem summer as their most active part of the year, but if you are the type who’s busy with school or work during the year, and have a break during summer – than it just might be the best time to get plastic surgery for you then. 

What’s more, there is a number of minor procedures that you can do in the summer, without having to worry about the recovery time – such as injectables and lip fillers, that basically don’t require some extensive healing.

Autumn – definitely the best time to get a nose job

Fall is perfect for a wide range of procedures, including body contouring, breast augmentation, and facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, which tends to fall under a serious category. 

If you have children, than this might be an ideal time for you to schedule a procedure, even more so because you can really dedicate to the recovery. 

Besides, autumn weather allows layering, which is perfect for everyone who schedules a liposuction or a tummy tuck, since they’re gonna have to wear lower body compression garments a few weeks after surgery. You might have to change your routine regarding hair and makeup, if you need to make your scars more discreet, but either way, when it comes to the best time to get plastic surgery – autumn surely has a lot of benefits. 

Wintertime – the best time to get plastic surgery

Although winter is perfect for undergoing different types of plastic surgery, including some major ones such as nose jobs, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and so on, you probably don’t want to schedule any major procedures for early winter – afterall, you want to feel your best for family gatherings and holidays.

During winter holiday season, you can lay low and concentrate on healing, and thanks to winter weather, you have a good reprieve from harsh sunlight. You can wrap yourself in blankets and sweaters, and some patients even resort to paying time off or a vacation before the year comes to an end, or because they’re potential caregivers have time off work and can help with the recovery.

The one flaw is that with winter, you can often expect colds, infections and flu, so if you do come down with something, you have to postpone your procedure, since staying healthy is paramount in weeks leading to surgery. 

Is there the best age to get plastic surgery?

As we already mentioned, aside from timing and seasonality, there is definitely an age factor that needs to be considered if you are thinking of getting plastic surgery. 

Sometimes it is way too early to have any sort of plastic surgery done, but also, it can become too late if you wait to long. 

So, what is the best age to get plastic surgery?

It depends on the surgery really. When it comes to face oriented procedures, you can have rhinoplasty as early as your 20s, but on the other hand – botox, eye lifts and facelift can be done after you’re 35 to 45 years old in terms of a facelift.

Out of body sculpting procedures, breast augmentation can be done as early as your 20s too, while liposuction and tummy tuck are usually reserved for 30s. Hands and skin resurfacing surgeries are usually done on patients in their 50s. 

The bottom line

When it comes down to determining what is the best time to get plastic surgery, in the end it all comes down to your own schedule, and when are you the most comfortable of undergoing the procedure. 

Never forget that the most important thing to do is to carefully pick your plastic surgeon, and then gather as much information as you can about the procedure, recovery time and and what you can expect of it. 

We at liv Plastic surgery share your desire for everything to go smoothly and just the way you want it, and we are always eager to advise you on everything you need, including the best timing and season.