Fat Transfer Boca Raton

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a technique whereby tiny fat particles are harvested from one area of the body and placed in another. When this is performed for buttock enlargement it is called BBL. When applied to the face we call it FTP.

Fat transfer or grafting requires the fat particles to receive a new blood supply from the area they are deposited in to survive.  FTP results in 80% take and if weight is maintained should be long lasting.

While there is more swelling after FTP, the results are more long-lasting and fewer injections of temporary fillers will be needed later on.

Face Fat Transfer Procedure (FTP)

Areas dramatically improved with FTP include:

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin & Hollowed out temples

Who are Candidates for Fat Transfer Procedure (FTP)?

  • Have hollow cheeks or deep nasolabial lines
  • Lost facial volume during menopause
  • Want an all-natural or organic chin implant
  • Need large volume correction

Body Fat Transfer Results

Results from FTP are very natural and last a long long time. The main issue after surgery is swelling and bruising that rapidly resolve. There is hardly any discomfort afterwards and return office based work can be 2-3 days.

Alternatives to Fat Transfer

• Restylane®• Juvederm®
• Radiesse®• Sculptra®

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