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Liposuction Specialist in Glen Ridge, Fl.

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Looking for a Liposuction Specialist in Glen Ridge, Fl? See why we are South Florida’s choice for lipo surgery.

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The number of plastic surgery places offering liposuction in Glen Ridge, Fl is amazing. As with all cosmetic procedures one needs to do it due diligence before making a decision. It is true that all plastic surgeon need not only training but qualifications. However, those this means that all surgeons are the same or have the same qualifications? Of course, the answer is NO! You that when they are TV shows dedicated to documenting botched plastic procedures the number has to be alarming. not only that! You need to comprehend that when plstic surgeries go bad, that results can last a life time.

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Whether you are looking for Lipo surgery in Lake Clark Shrs or in Miami, the LIV team would to invite you for a free consultation. We know that after you see what we have to offer, you will see why we’re South Florida’s choice for liposuction surgery. With that said do you if liposuction surgery is what you need? You be taken back at the number of clients who come to our practice thinking they can fix one issue with a particular type of cosmetic procedure but in reality they need something else. When it comes to plastic surgery as with any other type of surgery it is best to get the advice with a qualified physician who has experience or has specialized on the procedure.

About Liposuction

Lipo can help patients achieve their ideal physique by removing excess fat from a number of areas, including the arms, neck, back, stomach, thighs, knees and back side. Dr. Ress is a double board certified plastic with substantial amount of expertise with lipo and other types of plastic surgery procedures. So, whenever you are ready give us a call for a free liposuction consultation. If you are just looking around take a look at our blog for more information on liposuction as well as other plastic surgery procedures.

Liposuction & Other Cosmetic Procedures Articles

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Medical Grade Peels in Boca Raton Florida


The first thing you notice when meeting a new person is their face. A person’s age is often clearly written in the lines on their face, which is why people work so hard to erase time’s signature from their faces. A surgical facelift is one of the most popular methods of doing this, but this well-known procedure is not alone in its plight against time. Many new facial cosmetic surgeries procedures have come into the spotlight in recent years in the form of injections, laser treatments, as well as surgeries on individual parts of the face such as eyes, nose, ears, and brows.

Botox is one of the most common non surgical facial treatments. It is an injectable protein with the power to correct frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and neck bands. Another injection, Restylane, is similar but better for smoothing fine lines and filling out the cheeks and lips. A calcium based injection called Radiesse actually produces collagen once inside the body, which adds volume to the face and hands.

With the Fat Transfer procedure or FTP, fat can actually be transferred from other areas into the face to add more volume. The [LIV] Liquid Lift uses a combination of all injections and fillers to provide the same effect as a facelift without any cutting. Injections are layered to give a long lasting effect. Deep wrinkle correction can be achieved through an injection called Sculptra, which, once injected, produces collagen for up to 6 months. Effects last for as long as two years. Laser resurfacing is achieved through a treatment called lasabrasion, which removes things like hair, acne scars, sunspots, precancerous growths, and even wrinkles temporarily.

A surgery called Blepharoplasty is offered for any of your eyelid correction needs. This surgery tightens the eyelids, corrects bags, droops, and puffiness. As eyes are the first to show signs of aging, this surgery can dramatically alter your appearance. You will wake up feeling and looking fresh-faced and much younger. A brow lift can also improve appearance of the eyes. Simply lifting the corner of the brows opens up the eyes, giving them the same youthful look they once had. This helps especially if your eyes appear to be hollow or if hanging skin is hindering your vision.

Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear surgery, is simply a surgery that reshapes your ears. Maybe you were in an accident that left your ear oddly shaped. Maybe a skin cancer left part of your ear missing. Maybe your ears are larger, having been compared to “Dumbo”. Whatever the reason, ears can easily be re-shaped through otoplasty.

You are probably familiar with Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job. This surgery allows you to reshape your nose, whether the purpose is for aesthetics, improved breathing, or improved sleeping.

If you are interested in correcting imperfections or recreating the youthful look you lost, there are many facial cosmetic surgeries to fulfill this desire. South Florida residents have the opportunity to work with Dr. Andrew Ress located in Boca Raton. Schedule your consultation today to see how LIV Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your goals.

Lipoplasty in the Glen Ridge, Fl Area.

We are glad that you visited our site. we’re South Florida’s plastic surgery clinic offering a lot more than just lipo surgery. We provide a wide selection of cosmetic surgery procedures. Give us a call and let us show you why LIV plastic surgery is a top rated, South Florida full service cosmetic surgery boutique.

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