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Fat Transfer Procedure in Palm Beach

Fat Transfer Procedure in Boca Raton | LIV Plastic Surgery by Dr. Andrew Ress
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A fat transfer procedure is conducted through extracting excess fat from areas including the thighs, the buttocks, and the abdomen, which is then injected into another area of the body that needs plumping. A fat transfer procedure can also be conducted on the face, as well. For this, the excess fat being removed is then used as facial filler, which can improve the sunken and creased areas of the face, to give a fuller look to the cheeks and the lips. When it is performed on the buttocks it is known as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

How is It Performed?

First the donor site (where the excess fat will be removed from) is prepared using local anesthetics. From there the doctor will then withdraw the excess fat using a syringe that includes a cannula which is a hollow tube.

The withdrawn excess fat is then injected into the new location in need of plumping. This area will revascularize as the healing process goes on, which will take a very minimal amount of time. The bodily fat transfer procedure will be repeated as many times necessary until the desired plumping correction has been fully achieved to the patient’s pre-planned desire.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Procedure

  1. Minimal discomfort and easy recovery and healing periods.
  2. Fat is a long lasting filler, soft and all natural.
  3. Procedure performed quickly under local anesthesia.
  4. Perfect for cheeks face, temple hollows and more.
  5. Can provide fuller look to face, as well as other areas of the  body.